dream bitch (n): one who is not nice to you (esp. to the point of revealing to you all of your personal flaws and deepest insecurities, "telling you off") in your dreams, regardless of the nature of your real-life relationship. Most often a close friend or lover.


dream bitches (pl. n): Yoko Kikuchi and Ann Zakaluk (oftentimes with an extended family) tinker with the boundaries of what it means to be friends, take trips, have boyfriends and lead parallel lives, while dreaming up a landscape of densely crafted lyrics, rock guitars, and smart harmonies.


Dream Bitches began in New York City as the duo of childhood friends Yoko OK and Annabelle Zakaluk, writing playful folk-pop songs on electric guitar with harmonies, half of which were friendship-love songs to one another celebrating their own commonalities. Their jangly guitar riffs, catchy choruses, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics were influenced by the 90s riot grrrl and female-fronted punk bands they grew up listening to, as well as their East Village singer-songwriter contemporaries such as Regina Spektor and Kimya Dawson. Their first album Sanfransisters was released in 2005. For the release of this album they put together a band comprised of Julie DeLano (The Leader, GOLD), Casey Holford (The Outlines), and Jen.Knee (Your Biggest Fan). They started out in the NYC circuit at clubs such as The Mercury Lounge, Cake Shop, and their East Village home base, the Sidewalk.

2007 saw the release of their second album, Coke-and-Spiriters. Packed with snarling pop anthems and hyper-literate, somewhat misanthropic acoustic ballads, the album saw the band present a new sound, a kind of brainy power pop that evoked forebears like the Breeders and contemporaries like Tegan & Sara. By 2008 the band had evolved into an all-female foursome, with Tina Harris on the drums, that toured the Northeastern US. In 2009 founding member Annabelle moved to San Francisco. In May of that year they played their last show of this incarnation, at NYC Popfest.

Since then, other founding member Yoko OK has moved to Oakland. She plays in her solo project Yoko OK as well as in the deathrock punk band Bitter Fruit. In 2015 Annabelle and Yoko played their first show as residents of the Bay Area, with guest drummer Eden Grace, at the Legionnaire Saloon in Oakland. This coming August, they will play the very first Oakland Popfest! This will be their second performance as Dream Bitches West Coast!